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1000 RR8 headers to 919 RRW Streetfighter

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1000 RR8 headers to 919 RRW Streetfighter

Post by Guest on Mon 27 Feb 2012, 12:30

I am planning on doing a lot of mods to silencers and my RRW exhaust system in the near future. So I thought I'd buy a set of RR8 headers and try to modify them to fit my RRW. Why RR8 you may ask, well the main reason was price. A set of RRW stainless headers went on eBay last night for 122 plus postage. I bought these RR8 headers last week for 4.49 plus 10 postage Very Happy:D:D
The RR8 headers are 38mm o/d and lighter than RRW headers.A few dimensions are similar and a few very different;
Collars to fit to head are almost the same. Brackets to clamp headers to head are the same. Spacing between cylinders are very similar, about 2mm difference . Main difference apart from bends and shape of headers is that RR8 are 45 mm shorter in the vertical section, ie they will foul the sump unless I extend the verticals.
A few pix;
RRW headers

RR8 headers

I marked the vertical section of the headers 150mm from the collars and started cutting the tops off.

This is no4 header top section.

Will do a bit more tomorrow before work.Very Happy:D:D

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Re: 1000 RR8 headers to 919 RRW Streetfighter

Post by Guest on Tue 28 Feb 2012, 11:47

Managed to cut and file the other three stubs and fit em to the RRW engine this morning;

The view from underneath;

Next job is to make a bracket to support the RR8 exhaust in the best position while I make and fit the 38mm spacers into the gaps!

Mind you I could just stick with the stubby headers??? Double click on the piccy?

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