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Members routes to Firebladeday 2010

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Re: Members routes to Firebladeday 2010

Post by Tyfio on Sun 04 Jul 2010, 19:46

Gatso wrote:Tyfio very sorry bud,i went to junct 9 on M1,god knws why,hope you made it ok,i met up with Haggler n every one else at m25/a12

No probs, Si, did get there. Dyno runs were quite impressive and VERY LOUD, esp the BMW S1000R!
Maybe try and hook up for ride sometime?

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Re: Members routes to Firebladeday 2010

Post by fastbikefinder on Mon 05 Jul 2010, 00:06

Tyfio wrote:Morning All, beautiful day, isn't it? The guys coming in from M25 J28, along the A12 to the A406, any idea what time you might get to Gants Hill, Redbridge roundabout area? May try and tag along from there, if possible, by dropping down off the M25, down the M11? Thanks

Sorry mate, only just saw this, didn't get a chance to check forum this morning.
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