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Fitting longer studs to your VFR hub to take a car wheel

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Fitting longer studs to your VFR hub to take a car wheel

Post by CBRRRT on Mon 15 Feb 2010, 20:02

To fit a car wheel on your SSSA you are gonna need spacers, and yes longer wheel studs. Not a hard job to do and this is how I went about it.

I thought it might be a bit easier to do the job if I removed the sprocket first and got the chain right out of the way.

They are the little buggers I need to get to

So after I got the sprocket off the next thing to do was undo that big nut. I dont have a socket that big so used an adjustable wrench.
Behind the nut is a washer that needs to be removed carefully with a flat screw driver.

Once they are off the hub should pull off.

With a soft mallet, tap out the hub from the splined side.

I used my Haines manuel, but now all you have to do is follow this, happy days!!!

OK, in my socket set I have a bunch of sockets with 7/8" and 1 1/4" bollocks on them. I dont use them, I dont like them, and I dont farkin understand them so any chance I get to abuse them, I do just that.
Anyway, I stuck one of them in my vice and tightend down on it

I then placed my disc hub onto the vice with the wheel stud sat inside the socket. You know whats comming next dont ya!!??

A couple of sharp taps and out-ski she come-ski

Now up to now its only taken about half an hour, so not hard at all

And there they all are.

Now I have something I can go to my local car spairs shop with and ask for something a bit longer, Ow er Missus!!

Hub is 8mm + 30mm spacer + new wheel, so I'm gonna need something to cope with all that

I'm gonna do it with two spacers, 1 x 20mm and 1 x 10mm, coz I'm not a clever git with a lathe that can make one. When the 20mm spacer arrived it was just a nats cock to small, so I went round the inside with a round back file and took off a very small amount.

Then it popped straight on, and was a nice snug fit.

Right then, lets see if I can remember how this pile of nuts and bolts went together

peice of piss, there was fark all to taking it to bits, so putting it all back was a doddle.

The studs I used were 63mm long Ford studs (M12/1.5) The M12 is the size of the bolt and the 1.5 is the pitch of the thread. They have a 13.1mm spigot, thats the bit that bites into the hub. You'll need to drill out your hub to fit them, but if a numb nut like me can do it, then so can you.

I put the 20mm spacer on first as the back has hollow sections that sat nice over the disc rotor nuts. Then the 10mm spacer went on next.

Loads of room for the wheel, and plenty of thread fo my funkey wheel nuts, MAN!

Just need to get some rubber on my Inovit concept wheel and bung it on.

Now, I ask ya "How hard was that"

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