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VFR Rear wheel offset

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VFR Rear wheel offset

Post by CBRRRT on Mon 15 Feb 2010, 19:37


OK, I know the wheel offset thingy is a bit confusing, but this should help to clear things up a bit. this is what I came up with.
Step 1.
Lay the wheel on a flat surface hub face side up. It dont have to be level, just flat

Step 2.
Place a straight edge across the top of the tyre. This is so you can measure from the floor to the underside of the straight edge, and give you an overall width. Now depending what size tyre you use on your wheel will depend on averall width so dont go with my measurement unless you are using a 180 tyre.

Step 3.
I got 184mm, Make a note of the size on a bit of paper. I found it easier to make a sketch of the tyre and add a centre line, then add the dims to it.

Step 4.
Now measure down to the hub face, mine was 110mm. Now add that to the sketch.

This sketch should make things a bit easier


Overall wheel width = 184mm (With the tyre on)
and = 92mm to the centre of the VFR wheel
I then laid the straight edge on top of the tyre and measured down to the hub face = 110mm
so that is 18mm past centre. This 18mm is my existing offset,
that being the case then new wheel offset = 40mm - 18mm = 22mm + 8mm spacer to centre VFR wheel, so new spacer is 30mm

Should you at some point want to put a car wheel on your SSSA, this should help.
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