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Post by 92blade rrn on Fri 11 Sep 2009, 17:38

my rrn ive had for about 18mths my 1st test passed big road bike (prev had a few 600's and rgv250's)
as far as im aware its dynojetted, art can, ohlins fork kit, ive fitted a few things like wobbly rear disk and general sevice items
i like it alot, it rarely gets cleaned and always rides hard, it drinks fuel at an astounding rate and loves to back out of roundabouts
i have removed the single seat as i take a mate for rides out
my blades DSCF6475
my blades DSCF6478
my blades DSCF7981

and my RRT, bought from ebay in the summer, 5 hrs on a train and rode 5 hrs home
seller was full of shit (bald tyres/not showroom etc etc) but its a good un so i still had it
it had micron exhaust, only 19k and it shows, some little carbon bits
i fitted carbon frame covers, better coloured wheels with new avon tyres, leather matched tank cover to keep the immaculate tank spotless
its very very very nice- i never ride it as my RRN is faster and more fun to ride
my blades DSCF7973
my blades DSCF7983
my blades DSCF8103
92blade rrn
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Post by Kaiser on Mon 14 Sep 2009, 10:47

Very nice buddy my blades 827250
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