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Brands 07/05/09 report

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Brands 07/05/09 report

Post by Jollygiant on Thu 07 May 2009, 20:06

Firstly i have to say i had a really good day. Now the waffle.

PC picked me up about 6.15 am and we got everything loaded and got to brands for 7.30am

Got set up and signed in which i wasn't to happy about as i booked group 2 and got put in group 1.
Thought, ok i'll run in there for now as i hadn't been to brands since august last year.

1st session got underway and i was happy going round getting used to the track again, but kept getting held up.
Chequered flag came out and i slowed up as you do, and could feel something wasn't right with the bike.

When i got back to the garage i found out it was because both my rear wheel bearings had decided to go bye bye.
The spindle was a bit of an arse to get out, and by the end of it there was ball bearings rolling around everywhere. Also took a good wedge out the caliper carrier.
Think i was bloody lucky something bad didn't happen on the track.
Thankfully though i also had a spare set of wheels with me, so i got the tyre changed over and was all ok again.

Missed the 2nd session due to sorting the wheel out, went out in the 3rd and was really held up all the time, so when it finished i went to get myself moved to group 2.

The first session i did in group 2 was much better and i was alot happier.
Got an instructor to follow me for the 1st session after lunch to see where i can improve and when i came in he gave me some good advice about not rolling off the throttle, keeping it open longer then just braking harder. Also a couple of other bits which i can't remember now as i mainly concentrated on the braking bit.

Anyway next session i tried what he had told me and things went alot better and felt better too.
Had a really good run on that session and the last and really felt i was making progress with my riding and times.

Overall a great day and looking forward to the next.
Couple of pics.

Set up.

Dead wheel.

Few on track.

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