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tour planed July 09, who's up for it then..?

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tour planed July 09, who's up for it then..?

Post by motopsycho on Mon 17 Nov 2008, 20:43

Okey dokey, I think it's that time of year again where I sit, looking out the window at the wet, UK weather and daydream of places I'd like to race off to next summer on my blade.

My pals and I raced across Europe bak in 06 but only managed a 3-day tour to Assen this summer - boohoo...

Anyhow, one of my chums is returning home to Oz at Xmas (something to do with the weather here) and the other ones just bought a house, so even thou I'm not fazed at all about shooting of alone next summer, if there's anyone who may want to tag along for a hoon, let me know, OK.

As for where, well, we were all kinda pissed off about the fact that we didn't/couldn't explore the Alps more than we did back in 06 so that's a good starting point, hey...

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