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Charging System Charging System

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Charging System Charging System

Post by masterblader on Wed 17 Sep 2008, 14:11

Charging System

In 1992 there was a quantum leap in the world of motorcycling where Honda went back to basics with a policy statement of “complete harmony” which resulted in the birth of the now infamous Fireblade RR.
This 893cc machine flipped the motorcycling world more times than the most acrobatic motocrosser. The press produced glowing reports of the Blade’s performance with a final sentence of “go get one” before Brussels put a stop to it. That’s exactly what I did.

The bike did everything that was asked, even round bends where I did not have the skill to do so. This bike was the complete package that the biking world was waiting for. It was several months later that the battery gave up while at Assen was to reveal a whole litany of failures with the charging system, a failure that was carried through 8 generation of Blades.

The defective charging system was widespread effecting other makes and models and still the leading four failed to resolve the issue. I am now of the belief that this is a deliberate ploy by these manufacturers to keep there spares dept: active, other factors have reared its ugly head to suggest this to be on factual lines.
Collectively this had become the Achilles Heel of the modern Japanese motorcycle.
European manufactured bikes do not have the high level of charging failures like their Japanese counterparts.

The competition with the four Japanese manufacturers has intensified in recent years with the popularity of WSB,BSB racing and TV coverage worldwide was too good an opportunity to miss. The urgency to get the very latest technology onto the motorcycle and into the show rooms was practised by the leading four at the cost of one very basic function RELIABILITY.

Super bikes like the Fireblade, R1, GSXR1000, ZX10 became flagships for the respective companies, yet all have been known to fail in the charging department. The common culprit with these machines is a puny battery that had to cope with present trends / accessories like alarm systems, sat:navs, heated grips etc: which taxed the power source even further. The most common battery used on recent bikes is YTZ10S 8.6amp/hr rate, earlier bikes YTX 9BS type with an 8amp/hr rate, which on a C90 would be the biz, on a superbike the failure rate speak for itself.
Starting a cold engine requires approx: 14-16 Nm of torque, if the motor fails to fire up after a few stabs on the starter button battery power depletes rapidly and a steep gradient becomes the only alternative, proving SIZE DOES MATTER.

The obsession by all the Japanese manufacturers to get the bike’s overall weight down is one of the contributory factors to this failure. If a substantial battery
14/16 amp/hr was fitted it could have saved many bikers the expense and misery, the additional weight could easily be pruned off from other components on the bike. This path would not be cost effective to the Companies and left bikers a legacy for all these years. A super bikes electrical consumption is pretty close to what the charging system can replenish at say 3000 revs, to get the maximum charge rate the engine needs to be spinning at 5000 revs. On paper this is how it should work but the reality is the extreme voltage fluctuations whatever the revs puts the battery and the rectifier on overtime.
Produces alternating current when the engine has started.
Voltage varies according to engine speed.
Rectifier/ Regulator
Rectifies the alternating current into direct current.
Regulates the incoming current at a prescribed figure.
This unit also serves as a heat sink to deal with excessive voltage and dissipates the heat via the frame and should be located in a good airflow.
12volts DC main source of electrical power to start up the engine and other electrical functions

Tips to conserve the battery

Make sure all battery terminals are clean, bright and tight.
Try and secure a second earth terminal.
Apply petroleum jelly to contacts.
1. Battery terminals
2. Snap connector from alternator.
3. Connector to rectifier. Reduces heat factor and corrosion
Dipped beams (daytime) not yet legal in UK. Legal in Europe
If needed disconnect one lamp.
Fit quality batteries, cheapos cant take the heat
Alarm fitted then charge battery in situ: frequently
Invest in a multi-meter to keep an eye on the charge rate and battery condition.
This is an attempt to get round the existing problem and not the solutions

Alsieboy and Masterblader are in contact with a battery company. They have agreed to give us assistance in the quest for reliability.
Research into an alternative is under way and the results will be published in December Mag.
The Blade Guru
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Re: Charging System Charging System

Post by mr pie on Wed 17 Sep 2008, 18:45

Very good read..
mr pie
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Re: Charging System Charging System

Post by Guest on Thu 18 Sep 2008, 11:45

Interesting read never had both myself but i know Dels r6 suffered

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Re: Charging System Charging System

Post by skidd1 on Mon 22 Sep 2008, 21:06

Now that explains a few things!
Should be compulsory reading for would be sportsbike riders.
I find alarms drain the systems very quickly and are generally useless anyway.
I guess thats why Optimates sell so well .I rate them very highly and use them on all the bikes ive had.
My Triumph Sprint holds its charge well despite a datatool alarm but it still needs an Optimate when left for more than a week.
I am now better informed thanks
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Re: Charging System Charging System

Post by 1992fireblade on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 08:27

Very informative masterblader. Cheers!

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Re: Charging System Charging System

Post by Richie on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 10:25

skidd1 wrote:
I find alarms drain the systems very quickly and are generally useless anyway.

couldnt agree more...darned things should be banned
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Re: Charging System Charging System

Post by legins on Tue 23 Sep 2008, 18:57

I had loadsa trouble with batt going flat due to the alarm thats fitted

if some toe rag wants ya bike he will have it alarm or no alarm

ground anchor and disc lock is more likely to deter the gits eyebrow
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Re: Charging System Charging System

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