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M25 Poppy Ride, Remembrance Sunday, Ring of Red, November 10th

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M25 Poppy Ride, Remembrance Sunday, Ring of Red, November 10th

Post by Guest on Fri 01 Nov 2013, 11:57

Anybody planning on doing this? I will be at Clacketts Lane services around 1100, leaving at 1200 towards Cobham Services.


Meet Points and Times - Asking to wear a red jumper or the like over your leathers - believe they are talking to Sky News who have said they may have 2 helicopters up to cover as well as advise when the 'ring' is complete.

JUNCTION 3 (M20) Car parks on London Road just before entrance to M25
BETWEEN JUNCTIONS 5 & 6 Clackett Lane Services
BETWEEN JUNCTION 9 & 10 Cobham Services
JUNCTION 12 (M3) Fleet Services on the M3
JUNCTION 15 (M4) Reading Services on M4
JUNCTION 18 (A404) Cherries Road, A404 Just before M25
JUNCTION 21 (M1) Toddington Services on M1
JUNCTION 23 South Mimms Services
JUNCTION 27 (M11) Birchanger Green Services on M11
JUNCTION 30/31 Thurrock Services

Ken Sutherland - from Unity Support Riders (USR's)
Ride Guide

The 4 rally points Cobham, South Mimms, Thurrock and Clackets will all leave at slightly different times, because of the distance between Cobham and South Mimms this ride will start to leave at approx. 11.45, the 3 other points, South Mimms, Thurrock and Clackets will start to leave at approx. 12.00, the idea is to filter on bikers from the rally points at controlled intervals so we fill up one lane of the M25 for 12.30. Most riders are doing at least of the M25 but its up to those riding how far they want to go, some of us are destined to do at least 1 loop that day
Other riders joining the M25 from other locations are asked to merge in with the ride in their respective location.
We plan to ride single file (but staggered for safety) with approx 3 bikes apart (this may be tweaked on the day)
Please note these plans are very fluid as we firm up much of the ride and things may change, we will keep you informed

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